2023 - Achieving The AE Alliance Mission Together

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Give To What Matters Most To You - Let Us Know What You Value

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Our 2023 Giving Tuesday & End of Year fundraising campaigns give you the power to tell us what you value most about the AEA.

How Do You Show Your Support?

There are two options - Give a Quick Donation OR Join An AEA Mission Team & Create A Personal Fundraiser Page to share with others.

OPTION 1. A Quick Donation! It's easy ...

1. Click
Quick Donate
2. Pick to either Make A General Donation or Give Credit To An Individual's Fundraiser or AEA Mission Team
3. Select the Individual or Team
4. Indicate Giving Amount
5. Complete the transaction.

OPTION 2. Join a Team & Create Your Personal Fundraiser Page!

1. Click
Join a Team & Create Your Personal Fundraiser Page!
2. Join the AEA Mission Team that you value most. Build your fundraiser page and support the AE Alliance:
Educate Physicians
Facilitate Research
Support Community
* All Things AEA
- It all matters equally to you!

**Reach out to your community and share what's important to you. Give them the opportunity to give!**

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Where Can Your Money Make A Difference?

Supporting AEA People, Programs & Services

Day-to-day activities keep the AE Alliance alive and well. Throughout 2023, we are busy responding to emails, maintaining/updating the website, scheduling and attending meetings, communicating with the AEA community members, connecting with other organizations and more. Supporting AEA People, Programs & Services is key to the success of the AE Alliance.


How Are We Achieving Our Mission in 2023

It's In The Numbers - January to October 2023

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