CEC Birdathon - May 6-22, 2022

1,849 total birds seen

Supporting Cope Environmental Center one bird at a time! Presented by 3Rivers Federal Credit Union.

$35,540Raised of $40,000

We promote the sustainable use of the Earth’s resources through education, demonstration, and research.

Your participation in our Birdathon helps us spread an awareness and appreciation of all wildlife species and habitats. This appreciation leads to making choices in our daily lives which support a healthy and sustainable Earth. Sharing your experiences, raising pledges, and enjoying all nature has to offer help us to fulfill our mission at CEC and to create an amazing place for all life to exist.


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Marianne Foster donated $25 to Whitney Mosey-Russell

7 hours ago


Cynthia Trueblood donated $289 to Tennessee Warblers

Thanks to Becky for rallying the Tennessee Warbler team for another year of supporting CEC! It has been fun to see birds posted by our geographically scattered team.

8 hours ago


William Buskirk pledged $1 per bird seen (est $1) to James Sterrett

9 hours ago


William Buskirk donated $250 to The left coast kids

Way to go boys and James.

9 hours ago


Jayne Kercheval donated $100 to Jayne Kercheval

Much gratitude to Susie Ferrell for her love of birds and the environment, AND the RHS Class of '65.

9 hours ago