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Colorado Birding Challenge

Join us May 20, 2023 as we raise funds for Pinyon Jay conservation in Colorado.

$27,094Raised of $50,000

Birds need us. Let's help them together!

The Colorado Birding Challenge (COBC) was created to provide an annual flow of funds to support specific bird conservation projects throughout the state.

The Colorado Birding Challenge is a fun, county-based birding and conservation event held during the most exciting time of the birding year. Each May several billion birds migrate into and through the United States and dozens of species begin to establish breeding territories in each county in Colorado.

This year's challenge funds will primarily support the determination of breeding colony locations and the critical surrounding habitat for Pinyon Jays. From 1967–2015, the population levels of Pinyon Jays fell by an estimated 83.5%. Identifying these areas is critical for long-term habitat management and protection.

Our 2023 Goals

The Colorado Birding Challenge is doing something new this year! This year, we're expanding our birding options to both competition teams and "Bird Your Way" teams to give everyone more opportunities to get out in the field and fundraise on behalf of our feathered friends. It's the highlight of the year for many of Colorado's birders - last year they raised over $44,000! - and the perfect way to get your family and friends outside and enjoy the beauty and birds that every county of Colorado has to offer.

How It Works

🐦 Who can join us? Everyone! We welcome birders and bird enthusiasts of all skill levels.

πŸ¦… When can we bird? Non-competitive teams can bird any day in May to complete your Colorado Birding Challenge. Competitive teams can bird on May 20th in one of our Competition Categories. Please see the Competition Information tab for more information for competitive teams.

πŸ¦† Who can we bird with? Gather a team of friends and family, or choose to fly solo! If you're birding with a team, dedicate someone as your "team captain" who will create your team page and invite the rest of you to join. Non-competitive teams can have unlimited team members! Competition teams are limited to 4 members.

πŸ¦ƒ Where should we bird? Part of the "challenge" of the Colorado Birding Challenge is bird under-birded areas across the state. Certain counties get lots of love, but collecting birding data for lesser-birded areas is so critical for conservation efforts. Non-competitive teams can pick a county, area, or try somewhere new to see what you find! Competition teams are limited to a single county.

How we do fundraise? You'll customize your own unique fundraising page when you sign up that you can share with family, friends, and supporters. Ask them to pledge or donate to help you reach your goal and make a difference for bird conservation across Colorado.

Your Impact 2023: Pinyon Jay Breeding Habits

Researchers Emily Macklin and Dr. Amanda Cheeseman, from South Dakota State University, have partnered with the Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to identify locations of Pinyon Jay colonies and to further map areas of high-quality nesting habitat across Colorado, ensuring woodland management is consistent with Pinyon Jay recovery.

Funding from the Colorado Birding Challenge will allow them to:

  1. Map Pinyon Jay nest locations and colony boundaries in the Southern Rocky Mountains ecoregion of Colorado β€” an area of high priority and where little is currently known about Pinyon Jay colony locations and habitat preferences to inform current and future land management activities;
  2. Use this information and nest and colony data from CPW to map areas of potential high-quality nesting habitat across Colorado to prioritize Pinyon Jay conservation and minimize potential negative impacts with woodland management;
  3. Develop protocols for using passive acoustic recorders to identify Pinyon Jay occupancy and potential breeding colonies that can be used by land managers and the public.

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Donations are accepted online or via check. Check donations can be made payable to "Colorado Field Ornithologists" and mailed to: Colorado Field Ornithologists, ATTN: COBC, P.O. Box 187, Lafayette, CO 80026

(Please include the name of the team/individual you are supporting on the Memo line.)

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Your donation supports the Colorado Field Ornithologists, a non-profit organization devoted to the study, conservation and enjoyment of Colorado's birds. Each year, CFO uses funds raised from the Colorado Birding Challenge to support specific and impactful conservation projects across the state.

Your donation is tax-deductible.

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