Adelaide Cupid Education Fundraising Drive

Impact NOW with 100 Computers for schools in Trinidad and Tobago

$625Raised of $20,000

Call to Action…Impact a Life with your Donation

By giving a little you will help out a lot...

The Adelaide Cupid Foundation is sending out a Call to ACTION…asking you to join us on our mission to impact the underprivileged children of Trinidad and Tobago. We are raising funds to purchase 100 computers and ship them to the island, then distribute them to schools and children in remote communities. Join us in making an impact to end the cycle of poverty and crime. This is our way of showing the less fortunate that we see them and they do matter.

Join us on this Mission and be a part of the solution… don’t forget to DONATE and SHARE with your friends and family… The Adelaide Cupid Foundation is also a 501-c 3 non-profit organization. This means that all of your donations will be tax exempt.

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Did you know?

Some children, who are in state-run schools, did not have formal education for more than six months due to a lack of the necessary resources needed to access the e-learning platforms.