May 13, 2024
2,283 total holes played

OEF 100 Holes of Golf Marathon

$48,747Raised of $50,000

Are you up for the challenge?

Consider this your invitation to the golf event unlike any other. Don’t call it a tournament. This day-long marathon takes oomph as you putt, chip, and drive your way through 100+ holes. Tee off at dawn and settle in for the time of your life. Because really, is there a better way to spend your day than golfing sun-up to sun-down?

This Golf Marathon is presented by the Orange Effect Foundation to help raise funds for children who desperately need speech technology or speech therapy services. OEF directly delivers services to children in over 30 states. But there is so much need out there, especially during this challenging time. 100% of the proceeds from this event will go directly to scholarships for these children.

Throughout the event, golfers are treated to exclusive access to the Elyria Country Club (Elyria, Ohio), golf cart, light breakfast plus two boxed meals and beverages! After you sink that 100th cup, join the rest of the crew social distancing at the clubhouse for a short thank you honoring all of the day’s participants.

So do you have the spirit to go all in or will you stick to putt-putt? (Minimum of 30 golfers needed to play).

Player Information


  • Score is not of primary importance today, it's all about the number of holes you play! (However, there might be prizes, so you will be given a scorecard to keep score on the first 90 holes).
  • Play extremely READY golf, but traditional course etiquette still applies.
  • Two-person scramble.
  • Relay teams can only have two people on the course at one time.
  • Allow only seven minutes on average to complete each hole, (you should be completing 18 holes every two hours). If you are falling behind an event representative may ask you speed up play or pick up and move on to the next hole.
  • Maximum bogey per hole.
  • No Lost Ball penalties. Don’t search for lost balls! If you don’t drive right up to it, simply drop a ball near where you expected it to be and play on without any penalty.
  • No Out of Bounds penalties. If you hit a ball OB, simply drop a ball within two club lengths of where the ball went OB and play on without penalty.
  • No Water Hazard penalties. If you hit a ball in the water hazard, simply drop a ball within two club lengths of where the ball went in the hazard and play on without penalty.
  • Don’t pull the flag sticks.
  • Any putt within the flag stick length from the hole is considered "good".
  • No more than two putts per green.



I understand that my role as a fundraising golfer is a significant responsibility and will make it a priority. I look forward to participating in the 100 Hole Charity Golf Marathon supporting Orange Effect Foundation and hereby commit to the following terms:

  • In order to play, I will raise a minimum of $1,500 in pledges in exchange for my participation
  • $1,500 = $15 pledged per hole from your recruited contacts (15 people pledging $1 per hole, 30 people pledging $.50 per hole - or any variation leading to $15)
  • If I cannot raise $1,500 in pledges I understand I am responsible to donate the remaining difference in support of Orange Effect Foundation
  • All golf, carts, food, beverages, and prizes will be provided by the event to you at no additional cost
  • The event will proceed rain or shine.
  • I will inform all donors that pledges made out to Orange Effect Foundation are tax deductible
  • I will create my fundraiser page and use it to collect donations.