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Become a Mental Health Superhero!

Join us for the month of May to spread Mental Health Awareness and May 21st with a Fun Walk/Run between 11am-2pm at Van Patten Forest Preserve, Wadsworth IL.

$1,810Raised of $5,000

Let’s Spread Mental Health Awareness!

Location: Van Patten Forest Preserve- Shelter A, 15838 West Route 173 Wadsworth,IL 60083

You have the option to complete the walk/run virtually or in-person. Click on the registration button to choose.

Join a team, form a team, or do it individually!

Go a step further by helping us to raise funds, encourage others to participate in the walk/run in-person or virtually and/or by donating.

Princesses and Ladies Inc. has a Mental Health Wellness Initiative that provides free therapy to individuals, groups, families, and couples. Join our Mental Health Walk/Run fundraiser.

This Mental Health Awareness Walk/Run is a fundraiser to raise funds to offer free therapy specifically for children 5 years and older.

Our Mental Health Fun Run/Walk will be occompanied with SuperHeros! Giving you encouraging words every step of the way. Lets have some fun, Tutus and Super Hero Costumes are highly recommended!

T-Shirts will delivered on the day of the run and/or after for those who register after May 1. 2022.

A mental health awareness workshop will follow at The Zion Benton Township Library, 2400 Gabriel Ave. Zion, IL. 60099. 2pm-3:30pm. The National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) has partnered with us for this workshop.

Teen Miss Zion, Sierra, is supporting this event. Her platform is mental health for children. She believes it is important for children to receive the mental health services they need. Has a teen herself who has had to work through her own mental health challenges, she wanted to bring light to the importance of mental health for children. This is why the funds raised from this fundraiser will go towards providing free mental health for children. Please support us.