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Run for the Soul

Join us for our fundraiser from August 22nd to August 28th to support retiring athletes and help them transition successfully to life after sport! #RunfortheSoul

$21,102Raised of $25,000

An athlete dies twice… The first time when retiring from sport.

Athletic retirement and the transition period that follows is challenging and confusing time for any athlete. Athletes Soul helps athletes navigate this transition and its many challenges: loss of identity, lack of purpose, loss of social connection, poor confidence, etc.

With your support, through our Run for the Soul fundraiser, we can provide one-on-one transition coaching to 15 retiring athletes for 3 months or more. Join other athletes and former athletes as they get active every day to raise funds for Athletes Soul. 100% of every donation for this event is going to our scholarship fund for athletes.

Get Active & Join the 2022 Run for the Soul week

Step 1: Join a team, create a team or participate on your own

Step 2: Share your personal story of athletic retirement and how you moved forward.

Step 3: Get active (run, walk, swim, bike, row, climb...) every day between August 22nd and August 28th.

Step 4: Collect donations and pledges from your friends and family.


About Athletes Soul

Athletes Soul is a non-profit organization funded and led by former athletes. Our mission is to support athletes as they transition away from sports, raise awareness about the challenges of athletic retirement, and encourage athletes to develop beyond sports. We offer educational resources, transition and career coaching, and networking opportunities to support athletes before, during, and after their athletic retirement.