Stand up for Lake Tahoe | September 16-18, 2022

47 total miles

Paddle for Lake Tahoe in the face of climate change. Become a racer and a fundraiser, start a fundraising team, or make a donation directly to the cause.

$5,630Raised of $10,000

Lake Tahoe is warming faster than ever

The Jewel of the Sierra is warming faster than ever thanks to human impact and global climate change. Rising water temperatures lead to invasive weeds and algae growth. If we don’t shape up, the beautiful cobalt blue water as we know it will turn cloudy and murky.

You can help! Raise funds for the Sierra Nevada Alliance by starting a fundraising team, donating to a team, or contributing directly to the cause.

The Sierra Nevada Alliance is dedicated to protecting and preserving natural treasures and communities in Lake Tahoe and the greater Sierra.

What we're doing

Paddlers participating in the Tahoe Waterman Lake Crossing are going the extra mile this year to paddle across Lake Tahoe and raise mission-critical funds for the Sierra Nevada Alliance. You can start raising funds as an individual paddler, a team, or a donor. They've even got a relay option this year for those who want to race as a team.

Not paddling? You can still join as a fundraiser and make your miles count on the bike, dog walking, running, or any other way you'd like. So please, hop on the generosity train and raise funds to help build climate resilience and protect Lake Tahoe's clarity today!

How it works

We’re thankful for your unwavering support of the Sierra Nevada Alliance and are thrilled that you’ve decided to make an even bigger impact by becoming a fundraiser on our behalf. To complement the steps below, take a peek at our Fundraising Toolkit to help make your fundraising journey successful, easy, and fun.

Step 1:

Want to start a team of supporters? Click 'Sign Up to Fundraise' and then 'Create a Team'.

Want to join a team or fundraise solo? Click 'Sign Up to Fundraise' and then 'Join a Team' to find your team or click 'Fundraise on my Own'.

Step 2:

Estimate how many miles you'll paddle during the Lake Crossing or how many miles you'll bike, walk, run or hike between September 16-18. Non-paddlers: Whether it's 10, 50, or 500 miles, there's no amount too big or small! Treadmill, Peloton, and stationary bike miles count too. Optional: Connect with Strava to import fundraiser activity data, apply it to your goal, and automatically update donors.

Step 3:

Customize your page to tell us why you're participating and why it's important to help fundraise for Sierra Nevada Alliance or use the default story already provided for you. You can update your page story, goals, and photos anytime!

Step 4:

Click the 'Share' button on your page to 'Share via email or text' to connect to friends and family and ask if they'll support your efforts by donating to Sierra Nevada Alliance. You can also share on social media.

After that: Post updates on your page to share your progress and activities with your supporters by clicking 'Updates' at the top of the page.

About the Sierra Nevada Alliance

The Sierra Nevada Alliance is a 501 (c) 3 environmental nonprofit established in 1993 on mission to protect and preserve national treasures in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Lake Tahoe is the largest freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada and the largest alpine lake in North America. Hosting about 15 million people each year, Lake Tahoe needs our help to remain clean and pristine. Thank you for lending a paddle to protect this magical place.



Colette Clark donated $100 to Greg Bowerman

2 months ago


Greg Bowerman donated $150 to Greg Bowerman

Many thanks to Jenny Hatch for answering my email. Thank you Jennifer Marshall for organizing and executing our fundraiser in conjunction with the Tahoe Waterman Association. And thank you to all the fine people at the Sierra Nevada Alliance. A final thank you goes to all of my donors. I'm touched beyond words.

2 months ago


Dan Cooper donated $50 to Greg Bowerman

Thank you Greg!! Your commitment to the cause has inspired me and so many others. Good luck tomorrow. Be safe. You’re dodging wind, rain and the fires just to make this happen. We’re here for you Brother!

2 months ago


Dennis and Tina Atchley donated $50 to Greg Bowerman

What a great cause! Best of luck in your alternative endeavor 👍

2 months ago


David Ross donated $20 to Daniel Cooper

rock on, danny!

2 months ago

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