18 Miles (or more) for Mental Health

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We need your help to reach our goal of $18,000 for Youth Mental Health

The inspiration behind Z-Cares Foundation is Zachary Nimmo. He was an amazing young man who would not hesitate to help a friend in need. Zachary would have turned 18 in October. In his honor and in honor of all youth struggling with mental health challenges, we can #standUP and raise $18,000.

Every dollar raised goes directly to delivering evidence based program offerings designed to open up conversations about youth mental health. Having a conversation about mental health is hard, but with every conversation, we can address stigma, break down barriers and help those closest to us when they need it most. The easiest way to support someone struggling with a mental health challenge is to reach out and let them know you are there for them.


Community Activity

Narges Dillon donated $100 to Narges Dillon

4 days ago

Daryl McDaniel donated $100 to Natalie McDaniel

Natalie great work!

4 days ago

Christina Mitine donated $50 to Anthony Mitine

Anthony, I am so impressed by your sincerity and dedication toward mental health and wellness. Thank you for always bringing this forward - admirable way to remember your childhood friend! “What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” -Glenn Close

6 days ago

Susan Raphael donated $25 to Team Bayani

Happy to support Team Bayani.

1 week ago

Lori Bautista donated $45 to Mary Skipper

Good luck Mary and thank you for bringing awareness to mental health of youth. Its so important in today's society!

1 week ago