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Move for Play

Your adventure. One great cause. Raise funds to let kids be kids!

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Move for Play

This September, put your play on the line. The Power of Play is looking for pledgers who love outdoor activity, adults who still thrive on play, and people with an adventurous nature to do what they love doing... for a tremendous, fundraising cause: children’s mental health. Sign up NOW for Move to Play! Enjoy the activities you love, raise funds, and win prizes. It’s win-win all around.

At The Power of Play, our guiding vision is a world where every child has a playground to call their own. Where every community that has faced challenges has a place for the young ones to gather in and explore the world safely and confidently through playtime activities. At TPOP, our specially-designed playgrounds offer those kids and communities a sustainable and unique playground in which to grow. And now, YOU can help us by raising funds for some exciting projects for the sake of children’s mental health.

Move to Play is your chance to shine. And it’s as easy going for a hike or playing pick-up soccer with friends. Just choose your favourite outdoor activity, sign up, make a pledge, and get out there and play. Rack up the play time over the month and let the pledges come in.

Here’s how it works.

Register here.

Make a profile. Tell your family, friends, and co-workers. Ask them to support you

Set a goal for the month. 100 km jogged, a pool lap a day for the month, bike a km per day, whatever works for you!

Ask your supporters to pledge a dollar amount (of their choice) per km or a flat donation pledge – all this can be done through your personal URL profile link

Spread the word! Use your social media channels to promote yourself, the cause, and of course, your amazing progress! For maximum reach be sure to tag The Power of Play

Track your km on your profile page

When the month is done, pat yourself on the back for being an awesome human, for your accomplishment, and for helping build playgrounds for kids in need.

There are two ways to pledge: 1.) Flat Pledge: Your friends and family sponsor you as a participant for a fixed amount of their choice. E.g.: If they donate $20, they pay $20 regardless of the number of km you accomplish.

2.) Pledge per km: Your friends or family can pledge an amount per km. E.g.: If your goal is to do 32 km in 30 days, your friends or family pledge $5 per km, and you hike/walk/run/bike four km eight times in the month (32 km), they owe $160.

Sign up NOW for Move to Play! Enjoy the activities you love, raise funds, and win prizes. It’s a win-win all around.


About Power of Play

The Power of Play builds sustainable playgrounds all around the world for children 2 to 14 years old. Play is not only vital in childhood development, but it is their right as declared in Article 31 of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our projects focus on children living in conditions that have stripped away this right and we are committed to bringing joy and happiness back into their lives.

Approximately 50% of our playgrounds are built from recycled material, and all projects count on rich collaboration with local communities for volunteering and funding.