Mar 15, 2025

The Ribbon Walk 2025

Join us March 15, 2025 for the Ribbon Walk 2025.

$0Raised of $50,000

Benefiting Cancer Patients at Phoebe

This event raises funds and awareness for Phoebe's Cancer Center - focusing on the patient through their entire journey.

In 2012, the Albany Pink breast cancer awareness and fundraising initiative was created by a small group of dedicated community members to assist women with resources needed for screenings and treatment support. Since inception, the creators noticed there were resource needs beyond breast cancer and declared the funds raised should be used to help women and men with any cancer type. In 2018, the popularity of the annual walk had become so great, the event creators reached out to the Phoebe Foundation for help in planning and oversight.

The Phoebe Foundation is partnering with Phoebe Cancer Center and dedicated community volunteers to plan and host The Ribbon Walk (to represent all colors and types of cancers).

Register for the Walk today! It's easy and such a fun way to support our friends and neighbors going through their own cancer journey.