4,693 total species seen

Golden Gate Bird Alliance Birdathon 2023

March 11 - May 15 | Registration Opens February 25

$53,871Raised of $50,000

How It Works!

During our biggest annual fundraiser of the year you have an opportunity to help raise money to protect local birds and their habitat through the simple act of birding! Think walkathon, but instead of logging your miles you'll be logging the number of bird species you observe while you're out.

After you create a fundraising campaign page and share your page with friends and family, you can then move onto the most enjoyable part, birding of course.

The How, When, and Where you decide to go birding is up to you, as long as it happens between March 11 and May 15, we're happy. Want to bird from your backyard? Perfect. Plan on birding everyday until the end of the campaign period? More power to you!

Participating in this way is completely free and all birding skill levels are welcome to join in on the fun.

To set up your campaign page…

We are excited and grateful to have you on board as a fundraiser for Golden Gate Audubon Birdathon 2023! Your fundraising page is where you’ll send family and friends to donate, and where you can track all your efforts.

If you haven’t started using it yet, here’s a quick guide.

Create Your Page

  1. Click the "Join" button at the top of this page
  2. Choose "Fundraise on my Own"
  3. Enter your Email Address, First and Last Name, create a Password and select "Create Account"
  4. Enter your fundraising goal and species seen goal
  5. Add a Profile Photo and a Personalized Message about yourself and your campaign

Once your page is created you can...

Edit your page

You can adjust your photos, story, contact info, goals, and more. On a computer, click the “Edit Page” button under the large cover photo. On a phone, click the settings icon at the top, then the black “Edit” button.

Share your page

To share your fundraiser page with friends and family, use the “Share” button (under your fundraising progress wheel). Choose a social network to share to, or choose “Copy page URL” to copy the link directly to your page.

Use the Community tab

You’ll find this at the top of your page on your computer, and the bottom on your phone. You can post questions, ideas, and inspiration to the rest of the campaign community, and scroll through everyone else’s posts.

Use the Donors tab

Go here to send pre-written email requests inviting people to donate to your page, track who has donated, and thank your donors.

Use the Activity tab

You may or may not see a tab for Activity. If you do, this is where you can record the activity you perform. You can add comments, photos, or other media, and choose whether to send your update to your donors.