Jul 16, 2023

Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb Early Bird Ride

No crowds. No fanfare. Just you, your bike, and the mountain. Registration closes Saturday, July 1 @ 11:59 pm.

$17,625Raised of $10,000

General Event Notes and Policies

The ride information and policies outlined in the registration policies, e-bike policies and the general event policies are to ensure riders have a safe and successful endeavor up Mt. Washington and have fun doing it, which means being prepared. The information below and policies set forth by the event coordinators are to ensure a successful and safe ride.

General Event Information

  • Regardless of whether you are on an e-bike or a human-powered bike, it is important to understand that riding up Mt. Washington is inherently dangerous.
  • The steepness of the road and the possibility of extreme weather are there regardless of the type of bike you’re riding.
  • The Auto Road route is 7.6 miles in length with an average grade of 12% and extended sections of 18% with the last 50 yards reaching 22%.
  • Only Class 1 e-bikes that utilize pedaling and electric power (in accordance with USA Cycling’s definition outlined in #2 below) will be allowed to participate in the Early Bird ride.
  • It is critical that riders train and adequately prepare (physically and mentally) to take on the challenge of riding the Mt. Washington Auto Road.
  • Mt. Washington is home to the worst weather in America. According to the Mount Washington Observatory’s website, July temperature averages range from 44.5 to 55.3 degrees F. The record high is 71 and the record low is 24. Riders should anticipate, and be prepared for, weather-related challenges and changing conditions between the base and the summit. High, gusting winds and rain add to the physical challenge of riding up the mountain.
  • It is important for all riders registering in the Early Bird Ride, including E-bikes, to understand that the Early Bird Ride has extremely limited resources. This is an unsupported ride. All participants, and their drivers, need to be prepared with the essentials for completing the route.
  • There is no technical support at the base, on the road, or at the summit.

Event Policies

1. Organizers reserve the right to deny a rider participation if they fail to comply with any of the event policies.

2. The information and policies are subject to change.

3. All riders must check-in at registration to receive a bib number. Bib numbers must be pinned on an outer layer of clothing and visible at all times during the ride. Riders failing to present a bib number or whom do not have bib number will be required to immediately cease their ride and will not be allowed to continue up the Auto Road, regardless of where they are on the route.

4. All riders must start between 5 am and 6 am; no exceptions.

5. All riders are strictly forbidden from riding down the Auto Road.

6. Safety First – You MUST have lights on both the front and back of the bike for visibility and we recommend hi-vis clothing. Because this is self-supported, bring adequate hydration, food/fuel, first aid, tools and extra tubes.

7. All riders must wear a helmet.

8. Summit Vehicle Driver Information – All riders must have their own support and a ride down from the summit is solely the responsibility of the registered participant and not that of Tin Mountain Conservation Center, event volunteers, or the Auto Road.

Support Driver – Only cars associated with the practice ride are allowed up to the summit.

  • The Toll House opens at 5 am and cars must be on the road heading up by 6 am.
  • Support Vehicles must go directly to the summit and may not wait for their rider to pass by (no-leap frogging with other riders and cars).
  • Driving to the summit is authorized by the Mt. Washington Auto Road and drivers need to be aware of the rules and regulations regarding use of the Auto Road. We encourage all riders and drivers to review the vehicle restrictions and other information posted on the Mount Washington Auto Road site.

View Auto Road Vehicle Restrictions

  • 2023 Auto Road Fees – Because this event is a practice ride for a reduced registration fee, the Auto Road pass for the support driver and vehicle are not included in the $150 registration fee. Your support driver and their vehicle are subject to the passage fees described below. Fees will be paid at the toll house.
  • Support Car + Driver are subject to the Auto Road 2023 rate: $45 car + driver and then any passenger in the car going up: + $20 additional for passengers over 12 years old, $10 additional child (5-12), free for kids 0 to 4 years old. Weight limit restrictions apply.* See Auto Road website.

*The interior weight in the support driver’s vehicle cannot exceed 900 lbs coming down (driver, passengers, bikes, gear). Please add up the weight of each passenger and any additional luggage to make sure it is under this 900 lbs limit. This is a CRITICAL safety issue on the Auto Road. Tested over and over again, we have found that if you put more than 900 lbs in an automobile, the weight is too much for the transmission to hold back the vehicle on the steep grades. It can cause you to use your brakes too much, which will lead to overheated brakes, or worse. Please keep the interior weight of the car in check.*