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Spin Doctor Cyclewerks is a bike shop located in Bartlett, Illinois with a mission to grow the cycling community by enabling folks to find the joy in cycling and encouraging them to do good through charitable initiatives while riding.

On October 23, 2023, a team of riders from Spin Doctor Cycleworks will be joining the WOW V team of riders on their fifth annual charity ride from Washington D.C. to St. Charles, IL, totaling over 967 miles. The WOW (War on Wheels) team rides to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and all funds raised will go towards research initiatives that support finding more treatment options and one day, a cure.

Meet the Team!


This will be my third War on Wheels ride and the truth is the ride is a ceremonial exercise that brings together an incredible cycling family. And I really do mean family. I wish I could truly convey the camaraderie of this group of riders that include those that have lost children to cancer, those that have witnessed their child survive cancer and those that are strong supporters of them and their journeys. We come together to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and our fundraising efforts put money into the hands of the researchers who can make the ride one day obsolete. Until it is, this fellowship will continue to support Cal’s Angels mission and ride for those that have endured, those that have lost and everyone touched by pediatric cancer.


I participated in the ride last year after hearing what Cal's Angels does and their mission to help children and families who are fighting cancer. Having four daughters myself I can't even begin to imagine how I might handle a diagnosis like this to one of them. My motivation in life has been to try to be the "hands & feet" of Jesus with whatever he brings into my path. Once this opportunity presented itself I felt God was calling me to get involved in a tangible way and use my love of cycling. After having experienced the ride last year, heard the stories first hand, ridden with those who have lost their children tragically, and some whose kids have through treatment survived, I've had a small glimpse through the window of what this journey is like. The camaraderie that was built and the friends I made through doing something like this is really something special. I've seen the vast need for more that can and needs to be done for pediatric cancer. My hope is to raise money again this year for more research and to be an encouragement to those that may be in the middle of this battle.


If you know me, you know I’m not one to typically share much about my personal life. However recently, after being introduced to the organization Cal’s Angels and learning how I can get more involved and make an impact, I figured it was a good time to let everyone into my reality.

Cancer sucks. I currently have two family members that are each battling different types of cancer. They are both going through their own treatment journeys. One family member has Glioblastoma, which is the most aggressive type of brain cancer and considered to be advanced by the time of diagnosis. The other family member is battling Leukemia which affects the blood and bone marrow. Those that know my family know that we’re fighters, not complainers.

I can’t think of a better way to honor my family and others going through their own battle.

Please help us fight the WAR against Pediatric Cancer, any donation is greatly appreciated.

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Riding for a Cure

It's Cal's Angels mission to grant wishes, raise awareness and fund research to help kids fighting cancer. Your continued support helps us achieve our mission and we are grateful to every one of you.

Until we hear the words “There is A Cure for Cancer” we will continue to fight on behalf of these young warriors and their families. We ask you to join us in the W.A.R. on pediatric cancer… together we CAN make a difference!

For more information on Cal’s Angels, including programming, how to donate or get involved, visit our website and follow @calsangels on Facebook and Instagram.