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Mighty Mitch

Mighty Mitch

Mitchell turned 3 in April of this year. He has made great progress over the past year! He can pull to stand and "cruise". He continues to gain more words. He works hard at both through weekly physical and speech therapy.

He has had challenges too. Like many individuals with Cohen Syndrome, Mitchell struggles with neutropenia, a white blood cell disorder that results in compromised immunity. After testing positive for strep five times so far in 2023, we began giving Mitch injections at home to try to boost his health.

Mitchell has a feeding tube. He goes to feeding therapy weekly as well. His health struggles have directly affected his drive to eat by mouth. He gets approximately 90% of his nutrition via tube feedings currently. We continue to work with his doctors to get him on the right track.

Mitchell attends an early childhood center three times per week. He recently moved up to the preschool room where the teachers encourage him to participate in the daily learning activities. Due to his autism, he would often rather play with a favorite truck, but he is doing quite well overall!

Mitchell LOVES playing with his brothers and the family dog Rocky, reading books, stroller rides, giving big hugs, spinning wheels or fidgets, and Bluey and other favorite tv shows.

We are fundraising through the Million Dollar Bike Ride for scientific research. It is our hope that individuals with Cohen Syndrome can explore and access the world around them. We must preserve their vision and work to protect them from the common ailments that seem to plague our community too often.

Thank you for donating to help in this mission!

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