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Rickrocks F*ck Kidney Cancer Awareness Event By Familia Viclera

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Rick Rock and Familia Viclera Vision and Mission

This amazing fundraiser and bike event was ignited by the love and respect our riding group, Familia Viclera, has for our riding brother RickRock. RickRock was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer last year. He recently underwent surgery to remove one of his kidneys. He endured that surgery with a fierce faith in God, a hopeful heart and an army of riding brothers and sisters, who are devoted to providing support and prayers for him. The great news is that RickRock is 100% cancer free.

RickRock had a wonderful vision to bring awareness to the biker and Latino community. He wanted to inspire others to not ignore common symptoms of possible Kidney Cancer. He wanted the Latino biker community to be better informed on what those symptoms are. Culturally, in the Latino community, it is very common, that men of all ages do not get checked out by a doctor when they are experiencing unusual symptoms, pain or an undiagnosed illness. Very often, it is characterized by a coined term called, " Machismo". By definition, it is strong or aggressive masculine pride.

Familia Viclera and RickRock have a mission to host our first annual Kidney Cancer Awareness Event. We are excited to share the news that we are having our first event on March 11th, 2023. We want to highlight Kidney Cancer Awareness, celebrate RickRocks "cancer free" announcement and to fundraise money for the Kidney Cancer Association. This will take place during the Kidney Cancer Awareness month which happens in March.

As this is our first event as Familia Viclera we appreciate any donations given to this amazing organization and to honor our amazing brother Rick Rock. All proceeds are going directly to Kidney Cancer Association.

If you are interested in attending this event please contact @familia_viclera on Instagram. For Media Inquiries please contact @hellabella13 on Instagram. If you would like to promote your business and donate to our raffle and giveaways please contact @og.embroidery.stiching on Instagram. Blessings to all.

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