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CSM_Saeed Mustafa

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As a retired US Army Command Sergeant Major, and descendant of West Point detachment 9th & 10th Calvary Buffalo Soldier,( The Late Sergeant First Class Leon Tatum); I know how much of an impact horses can have on a person's life.

It is for that reason that I'm representing the Buffalo Soldiers Association of West Point, and joining with GallopNYC, New York City's premiere therapeutic riding facility to make a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities. I want to bring awareness to Veteran suicide, along with other issues; and to raise funds to help support the horses and the riders at GallopNYC.

On May 22, 2022 I'll be riding along with GallopNYC and their incredible riders as they Promenade in grand style through the Manhattan Central Park on the bridle path for all to see.

My ambitious goal is to raise $20,000 to fully sponsor 12 Veterans with therapeutic services scholarship for one year. This will also include care of the horses and cost of instructors. I need your help to reach this goal.

I've also selected four amazing people to highlight their stories of “Resilience “ and to invite them to join me in supporting this Promenade through Central Park in honor of their loved one or their own service to our Nation. First one is a West Point graduate who was a phenomenal track and field athlete while a cadet at the Academy, she will ride in honor of her beloved brother. The next two are resilient Purple Heart recipients that survived horrific IED attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fourth person is an inspirational Gold Star Mother, who tragically lost her active duty Army son after he served two tours in Afghanistan and she will ride to keep his legacy alive.

We also honor a man of great sacrifice and preserverance, and will ride in remembrance of the third African American Graduate of West Point in 1889, recently posthumously promoted Brigadier General Charles Young. I need you on the team to make this dream come true. Thank you in advance for your generous donation. Your kindness will enable Veterans and others with trauma or disabilities to experience the power that horses have to help humans heal. Please support our highlighted heroes by clicking the donate button and giving to my page. Every dollar counts and 100% goes to GallopNYC ! Thank you so much and God Bless our Troops...HOOAH!

Greetings GallopNYC & Friends,

I would like to cordially invite each of you to join me for my 6th Annual Veterans All White Affair & Resiliency Awards Presentation on Saturday evening June 18th 7:00pm at the Thayer Hotel West Point New York.

This Is A Suicide Awareness Event, Where I Use Celebrating Life And Promoting Resilience As A Prevention Method. The Military Veterans Community Looses Approximately 22 Members Per Day. My Goal Is To Use Therapeutic Equine Along With My Book Entitled Resilient Transition To Stop Veterans Suicide.

The Beautiful Zulu Rooftop Lounge at the Historic Thayer Hotel; 674 Thayer Road West Point New York, 10996, Is Our 2022 Location of Choice. We will Remember And Honor Our Fallen Veterans And Recognize Veterans Who Have Demonstrated Resilience During Their Transition To Civilian Life.

Anyone Interested In Nominating A Veteran From Your Community, Sponsoring A Veterans Resiliency Award, Making A Brief Therapeutic Equine Presentation Or Providing Donations To Help Celebrate Our Military Veterans In Grand Style, Can Contact the event planner at the following contact info:

S4L Entertainment & Sports Management LLC
s4lentertainment.sport@gmail.com or 845-305-0111.

Hope To See You All There Wearing All White Saturday Night June 18th , 2022 7:00pm

Kindest Regards


Greetings Everyone,

We did it! Sunday I had the honor of riding in the GallopNYC Promenade through Central Park in New York City. Attending with me was my younger brother, Purple Heart Recipient, Sergeant First Class Retired Patrick King, Gold Star Mother Lisa Green-McKitty , and young Miss Jade McKitty.

It was an incredible experience and one that I will never forget. (I also achieved my goal of loosing weight & wearing my military uniform that I haven’t worn since my retirement on October 8th 2014). This awesome photo is somewhat of a metaphor to me and is an example of military transition.

I think of Sally, the amazing Painted Horse, as the the transition process riding me into my new civilian life. The guides wearing the GallopNYC T-shirts represent the civilian community.

They are symbolically providing support during my reception & integration in to communities across America. The collective group of organizations that helped make this event happen are like the places of worship, chamber of commerce, schools, elected officials, friends and families which are the collations needed to help veterans succeed after we leave the military.

My sincerest thanks to each of you. You all have been that coalition for me and your generous donations have helped me succeed in my mission on May 22’nd 2022. God Bless you and your families.

Get my book on Amazon if you would like to learn more about my story and my work in promoting Resilience…HOOAH!

Kindest Regards

CSM Sa’eed Mustafa

Command Sergeant Major

US Army Retired



Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well with you and your families. As for me I am so excited and I have some great news to share with you. It's almost time for us to mount up.

We have only 3 more days until the Big GallopNYC Promenade through Central Park. I have not been this excited about anything since I was a kid waiting on Santa to bring my Christmas presents. (well maybe the birth of my children had me a little more excited).

I've been walking two miles every morning, and another two miles every evening for the past two months, with the hope that I can loose enough weight to once again wear my US Army Dress Uniform; that I wore to my retirement ceremony at West Point on October 11th 2014. Stay tuned for the photos with the final results!

I'd like to sincerely thank each of you for your kindness and encouragement over the past couple of months. I'm happy to report that with the help and contributions from you all I was able to raise $5,175.00 on my GallopNYC fundraising page. A special thanks goes out to Ms. Lucy Lang, and the entire Eugene M Lang Foundation for their generous donation; which enabled me to surpass my original goal. As they donated the final contribution to my page, which took me over the top, they demonstrated, yet again, a true care and concern for Veterans and others from underserved demographics.

Additionally my team raised $1000.00 for Gold Star Mother Lisa McKitty and we are still in need of $4,000 more so she can ride in honor of her beloved son, the late Sergeant Julian Harris-McKitty of the 10th Mountain Division Fort Drum New York. (please donate to her GallopNYC page if you are able).

I'm so grateful that with the help of some awesome people, and significant contribution of Ms. Kym Marie Smith, we raised $5,000 for my younger brother, Sergeant First Class, US Army Retired, Purple Heart recipient, Patrick King. As many of you know, Patrick was hit by an Improvised Explosive Devise while on a mission in Iraq in 2007; and as a result his left leg was amputated from the knee down. Patrick has agreed to join me on this ride to represent the Buffalo Soldiers Association of West Point, and our late Uncle Sergeant First Class US Army Retired Leon Tatum. (he was a 9th & 10th Calvary, West Point Detachment Buffalo Soldier). Additionally We both feel that it is important to bring awareness to the incredible therapeutic equestrian assisted services that GallopNYC delivers daily to the Veterans, Autistic Youth, and others with disabilities in the New York metro area.

I had the honor of spending yesterday, May 17th, visiting both of the GallopNYC Queens New York stables; Forest Hills and Howard Beach. It was such a pleasure to see all the incredible work being done by staff and volunteers. I ask that you please continue to support their important mission with any financial resources that you can share. Also come out to Central Park, 102nd & 5th ave, 9:45am Sunday May 22nd to see the riders in their splendor. Look for the GallopNYC volunteer who will direct you to the parade route.

Hope to see you there...HOOAH!

CSM Sa'eed Mustafa

Command Sergeant Major US Army Retired

2020 New York State Veteran Hall of Fame


Greetings Supporters,

I’m super excited that we are finally in the month of May. Only two weeks to go before the GallopNYC Promenade through Central Park. I am honored to b be representing the Buffalo Soldiers Association Of West Point as a rider in this prestigious event to raise funds to help Veterans heal. To all of you who have donated to my GallopNYC Fundraiser, thank you so much, you have helped me to almost reach the $5,000 goal for each rider. Please spread the word to your family and friends that anyone who donates $150 or more will receive an exclusive invitation to the GallopNYC after Promenade party at the museum of NYC…HOOAH!

Kindest Regards

CSM Sa’eed Mustafa


Greetings All,

Once again I’d like to thank you for your generous donations to this incredible GallopNYC fundraiser. Your support will help many veterans and others in need.

Today during my visit to the United States Military Academy Equestrian Center Musem I was in awe of this epic photo taken of cadets on horseback in 1888.

5th From the right is cadet Charles Young, the third African American to graduate from West Point. (1889)

Second Lieutenant Young served first with the 25th Infantry at Fort Custer, Montana. Later, the army assigned him to the 9th Cavalry at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, and Fort Duchesne, Utah.

Charles Young endured extreme hardship and racism but still excelled as a Soldier; he was recently Posthumously Promoted to Brigadier General. I wil represent him as I represent the Buffaloe Soldiers Association of West Point in the GallopNYC May 22nd Promenade through Central Park.

Please Share This Fundraiser Link With Your Family & Friends. No amount is too little or too big. Together we can make a positive difference…HOOAH!

Kindest Regards

CSM Sa’eed Mustafa

US Army Retired

“We Can, We Will” …”Ready And Forward “

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What your support means to GallopNYC's riders

Everyday, GallopNYC provides life changing therapeutic riding lessons to New Yorkers, especially those that might not be able to afford lessons.

These lessons are more than just pony rides. Riders learn patience with themselves and their horse. They gain fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination, core strength, dexterity, and how to better control where their body is in space.

Every moment with a horse builds skills and impacts the rider's life.