100 Hole Golf Relay | August 26 Washington Golf Course

Join the relay or sponsor a passionate relay team member willing to play 27 holes of golf -- 100+ holes per team -- in one day to support First Tee - Cleveland's mission.

$325Raised of $35,000

Tee it up for the kids of First Tee - Cleveland

Interested in participating? The relay is limited to 9 four-person teams -- first come, first serve. All golfers are asked to raise a minimum of $500 to support First Tee - Cleveland. All will receive a "survival kit" / swag bag, and food and beverages throughout the day.
By supporting a
relay golfer, you'll help First Tee - Cleveland positively impact more local youth. We enable kids ages 6-18 to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of challenges by seamlessly integrating the game of golf with life skills. Only 7% of our revenue is generated by program fees. We will not turn any child away.

Play of the Day

Teams of four individuals will play a combined 100 holes. GOAL: Each player completes 27 holes in 4 hours. Two members of the team will play 8:00 AM-Noon. The goal is for each player to complete 27 holes before passing the “baton” -- their team’s golf cart -- to their teammates. Lunch will be served from Noon-1:00 PM for all golfers. At 1:00 PM, the second teammates will play from 1:00-5:00 PM. (Players 16 or under need a parent or guardian to drive the cart.)



Mary Patton donated $25 to Maureen Adler

Can't wait to cheer on the Big Chill team! Thanks for participating, Mo!

1 month ago


Bill Plesec donated $200 to Jason Plesec

I hope an old man like you can make your quota of holes for your team. I’ll have the EMS standing by. 😇UB Thanks for participating.

2 months ago


Patrick Williams donated $100 to Jason Plesec

Achievements on the golf course are not what matters, decency and honesty are what matter. In memory of Daniel Orr Williams.

3 months ago