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Vandal Lacrosse Season Fundraiser!

Support the team and their success in-game while contributing to the long-term success of the Vandal Lacrosse program!

$3,686Raised of $5,000

Support the players and fuel the club’s success!

Would you like to be able to support your team and contribute to the success of the club? Now you can do both, at the same time!

Our main goal as an organization is to provide a virtual varsity lacrosse experience at the University of Idaho so players can continue their passion for lacrosse in college. The Idaho Vandal Men’s Lacrosse Club relies on the generosity of donors to boost our season’s budget. Though we charge player dues and receive a small amount of University funding, additional monetary support is needed to afford all the costs of our season, especially travel costs.

Fundraising is a team effort. We’re asking you to join our team, cheer us on, and follow our story all season! THANK YOU!

A Guide to Our Fundraiser!

Donors can give a one-time donation or pledge a chosen dollar amount per point a player earns. Points are calculated using each player's statistics during the 2023 Spring Season. Stats translate to points with the following values:

  • 1 Goal = 1 Point
  • 1 Assist = 1.5 Point
  • 1 Ground Ball = 0.5 Points
  • 1 Save = 0.5 Points
  • 1 Win = 3 Points

A donor can pledge per point for one player or multiple players. This pledge can be as high or low as the donor would like. Statistics will be entered after every game. Then, based on the dollar amount pledged per point, the donation for that game will be calculated. The total donation will come out at the end of the season once the final points have been tallied!

For example, a donor pledges $1 per point for Player X throughout the season. Player X earns 5 points (ex. 2 goals, 1 assist, 3 ground balls) each of our 10 games, that totals 50 points. The donor would be charged $50 total at the end of the season, $5 for each game.

The team in Spokane after our Fall scrimmage against Gonzaga!