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Brett's Bass Fund Presents our Annual Noise-A-Thon - May, 2024

Let’s make noise for an amazing cause! Sign up for Brett’s Bass Fund’s “Noise-A-Thon”

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What is a Noise-A-Thon, you ask? Like a Walk-A-Thon but for practicing your Music or Sound!

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, Brett’s Bass Fund is challenging everyone who expresses themselves through sound to participate in our 2nd annual “Noise-A-Thon” in May 2024. It’s been proven that practicing music is good for mental health. And participation is so easy! All you do is register, gather pledges, and then practice your chosen form of "noise" for 15 minutes a day throughout the month.

Brett's Bass Fund was established in loving memory of Brett Rothfeld. A gifted musician, Brett loved ‘noise’ in all its myriad forms: rock, funk, sound design, sound art, the clarinet, the trombone, bass...he truly loved it all. So, whatever your choice of "noise" may be, we hope you'll sign up and further your artistic expression for a worthy cause! And for even more motivation, there are prizes! All participants will be eligible for raffle drawings AND we have a grand prize for the top fundraiser! Plus, you'll be paying it forward by contributing to the mission of Brett’s Bass Fund*.

So here are the steps to participate!

1. Register

2. After you register you will be prompted to create your fundraising page

3. Create your page (very easy - already programmed) and include your goal, pix and all that good stuff

4. Share with friends and family and encourage them to make a pledge to sponsor your practicing

5. Staring on May 1st get busy and start to practice your 15 minutes a day until the end of the month

6. May 31st celebrate how amazing you are that you practiced your art every day and ALSO paid it forward so others can learn the bass!

*Our mission is to provide resources to aspiring bass players who may not have the means or support to learn. Through a nomination process, we award scholarships to those who desire to learn bass, regardless of their age. These scholarships include a year of bass lessons, a bass guitar, and mentorship with established musicians.