2023 Playing for Pride - Metrics Based

Playing for Pride brings together athletes, teams, and leagues to support Athlete Ally's mission of making sports inclusive for the LGBTQI+ community

$3,076Raised of $25,000

Playing For Pride 2023

In 2017, pro soccer player Austin da Luz saw the LGBTQI+ community in his state come under attack, and started Playing for Pride as a way for professional soccer players to show their support for LGBTQI+ inclusion in and through sport. In the years since, Playing for Pride has mobilized athletes across sports, teams, leagues, sport reporters and fans to support LGBTQI+ inclusion in and through sport.

This year, Athlete Ally is championing local organizations that are leading the fight in the harshest environments for LGBTQI+ athletes in America. We will be distributing 50% of Playing for Pride proceeds to organizers on the frontlines in Florida and Texas, two states where young LGBTQI+ athletes are under considerable threat of exclusion and erasure.


How it works

  1. Click "Join the Challenge" at the top of the page
  2. Choose an activity and set a goal for yourself to work toward and to fundraise toward during Pride Month supporting Athlete Ally.
  3. Reach out to friends and family to ask if they’ll support your efforts by donating to you! They can make a pledge per activity to cheer you on toward your goal or donate a flat amount to support your efforts.
  4. Track your activities during Pride Month when you get reminders or any time by clicking "Updates" at the top of the page.
  5. Keep an eye on the leaderboards & Community tab to see how your friends and competitors are doing!

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Supports trans-inclusive and nondiscrimination policies for teams, sport governing bodies, athletic departments, and individual athletes