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100 Mile Challenge for Spina Bifida

April 2 - May 14, 2022 - YOUR Wellness YOUR Way! Take a 100 mile journey to better health and wellness!

$5,148Raised of $10,000

YOUR Wellness YOUR Way

The 100 Mile Challenge is a wellness program designed to help YOU reach YOUR wellness goals. YOU are encouraged to choose activities that collect "miles" and align with YOUR goals with YOUR big goal of 100 miles of activity over 6 weeks.

What are the activities? YOU choose!

Walk, roll, read a book, bike, do yoga, hike, fitness class, drink water, lift weights, run, eat vegetables, sleep 8 hours, meditate, wheelchair basketball, adaptive tennis, participate in virtual Education Day sessions, etc. etc.

How do I get 100 miles?

Each activity counts for one mile. If you do three activities a day you'll easily reach 100 miles in 6 weeks. For example, here's what one day might look like:

• Walk/roll for one mile for exercise = 1 mile

• Drink recommended daily amount of water = 1 mile

• Eat 5 servings of fruit and veggies = 1 mile

• Meditate for 15 minutes on everything that you are grateful for today = 1 mile


You'll get help along the way with the opportunity to tune into a variety of virtual classes, events, and speakers.

Check out the calendar here and register for programs--all of them if you want!


You can connect with participants around the country to get encouragement and ideas for YOUR wellness!

Encourage YOUR friends and family to join the challenge--there's power in numbers!

YOUR friends and family can support your challenge with a pledge to YOUR wellness and YOUR Spina Bifida chapter - the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa!


Program Calendar and Tracking Sheet

Get these programs on your calendar so you don't forget!

Program Calendar and Links here

Download and/or print the tracking sheet and review daily!

Download Tracking Sheet from Google here

Download Tracking Sheet in PDF here

If you need the tracking sheet in a different format, email carlyn.crowe@sbaia.org

Week 1 Tracking Sheet 100 Mile Challenge.png

Not registered yet? It's never to late to sign up for better health!

  1. Register to join the campaign and pledge to go 100 miles and raise or donate $100 for your participation!
  2. Ask your family and friends to ALSO go 100 miles and raise $100. Ask everyone you know!
  3. Register for weekly wellness programs here! There are a variety of wellness topics and they count for miles!
  4. OPTIONAL -- If you'd like to join a team of co-workers or family members who will each go 100 miles contact admin@sbaia.org to start a team for you.

Click here for tutorial on sign up and how to add miles

How can I raise $100?

  • Set up your page and email it to your friends and family!
  • A default page is already set up for you, but add your own photo and story!
  • EXAMPLE - Ask at least 10 people to sponsor you for 10 miles at $1 per mile--you get the idea? Easy!

OUR GOAL - 100 people go 100 miles and raise $100 each for Spina Bifida!

EVERYONE can participate! Ask your friends and family to go 100 miles too!

Iowa 2022 logo 100 Mile Challenge.png

What will you get out of it?!

Better health!

  • Weekly programs to help you get there! Find them here! and register--they count for miles!
  • Electronic tracking of miles, track through Strava (signing up for this is free but OPTIONAL) and manual tracking sheet (example below) with ideas for getting miles.


  • Connect with your chapter's participants and other participants across the country.
  • Form a team and reach your goals together!

Gear and PRIZES

  • Register and get a sticker
  • Go 100 miles and get a t-shirt to show your friends that you did it!
  • Drawing for prizes for EVERYONE who goes 100 miles and raises $100!