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Millennial Falcons

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Takes place Apr 15 - Jun 15, 2023

Captained by Caitlin Williamson

Support the Millennial Falcons in the Great Wisconsin Birdathon!

The Great Wisconsin Birdathon is back and our NRF Wayfarers team, the Millennial Falcons, is returning for its seventh year!

The birds of Wisconsin need us, and protect them, we must. The Millennial Falcons will take flight Saturday, May 6th for a fun-filled day of birding for a good cause! Our goal is to find some of our favorite birds, get outside at some beautiful Wisconsin destinations including Devil's Lake State Park, Baxter's Hollow, and Parfrey's Glen, and raise $1,234 to protect the birds of the galaxy! đź’«

Your support would mean a lot to our team. Birds have made an incredible difference in our lives and we want to protect them. Every dollar counts when it comes to helping our birds, so no donation is too small. Thank you for considering!

Make a donation online by clicking "donate" above, or mail a check to: Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, ATTN: Great Wisconsin Birdathon, 211 S. Paterson St., Suite 100, Madison, WI 53703 (and include our team's name in the memo line!)

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We had a rainy but great day of birding! Wrapped up with 102 species for the day and lots of new birders. Thanks for supporting the birdathon!

Alicia Ward

8 mo. ago


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My team saw 102 species between various locations. A great first Birdathon for me and I was so happy we broke 100 species! Thank you to my donors and to everyone on the team!


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We had 21 folks join for the Millennial Falcons Birdathon on Saturday, May 6th, with early birders braving the rain to find early birds (warblers and more) at Baxter’s Hollow. We spotted more migratory birds and were serenaded by a Louisiana Waterthrush at Parfrey’s Glen as we explored the lush canyon on our quest for birds, and we found American Goldfinches galore during a quick stop at Roznos Meadow on the Ice Age Trail. The wind and rain didn’t keep us down at Devil’s Lake – we even used the Force to manifest a couple of Loons and witnessed an epic Osprey vs. Bald Eagle battle in the sky. After a well-earned drink at Tumbled Rock Brewery, the Falcons parted ways…but continued to find even more birds to meet our species goal, with success at Nine Springs, Lakeshore Nature Preserve, and other spots in Madison. At the end of the day, we met our goal of finding some of our favorite birds (102 species!), spending time outside at some beautiful Wisconsin destinations, and raising funds to protect the birds of the galaxy! 💫

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Donations made to the Great Wisconsin Birdathon support the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin’s Bird Protection Fund, which has given out over $1.3 million towards Wisconsin’s highest priority bird conservation projects since its inception in 2009.

Whether it's creating Piping Plover habitat, rearing Whooping Crane chicks, spreading awareness about Connecticut Warblers, supporting community initiatives for bird-friendly neighborhoods, engaging new and underrepresented voices in the birding community, building impactful collaborations to protect Wisconsin's Important Bird Areas, or protecting our neotropical migrants on their long migratory journeys to Central America... the Bird Protection Fund is there to help.

Your donations make this work possible. Thank you for supporting on-the-ground conservation and being there #ForTheBirds!