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Meet Honored Child Nathan

Welcome back, Nathan, to another year of being an honored child! Nathan turned 10 in February, and this year was more cause to celebrate - it was his first birthday in several years without being on any medication.

Nathan lives with his mom and dad, two dogs (Max & Eva), and 2 cats (Sky Wing and Stella-Belle). His favorite book is actually a series - The Chronicles of Narnia, because “the good people win.” His hobbies are biking, strategizing and planning, swimming, fundraising for a good cause, traveling with his family, and learning mountain biking. He hopes to be a physician when he grows up. His favorite quote is his dad’s saying “You have to go through me first before you get to my loved ones.” He likes it because it speaks to protecting family and friends.

Nathan was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL, a type of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, when he was 5. His favorite Candlelighters memory is the biking with the cyclists in 2022 for the Ride Out and the Kickoff event on the river, where he made a new friend, former honored child Xavier.

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Andrew Caesar

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Made it! Thanks to you we are supporting children facing life threatening disease!

Chris Brand

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The internet connections in some of the small towns we stayed in was not great so I am updating everyone now. 6 days of 70 or so miles wasn't easy on some days, for example 14% grade climbs on gravel. But for the most part myself and the rest of the Candlelighters cruised through it. I am proud of the riding accomplishment and the ability to help the kids ( Hi Nathan!). Again, thanks to all that donated to make it possible.





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day 7- 71 mi! Please share and donate if you can! It’s a great cause ran by great people.

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About Candlelighters

From diagnosis through treatment and beyond, Candlelighters provide programs that meet the needs of the whole family facing childhood cancer. Your support provides:

  • $25: Fills the gas tank so families can get their child to the hospital for essential cancer treatment.
  • $50: Fills a grocery bag of a family who may have had to leave a job to care for their child
  • $100: Helps a family of four get essential food for several days or gas for several trips to the hospital for required treatments.
  • $250: Fills the hospital pantry for one week, while families are in the hospital with their child who is receiving cancer treatment.

Ride for a Child 2023 Community Partners

Beacham Family Trust

First Republic Bank

Equipment Depot

The Overhead Door Company of Portland

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