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Join us on our mission today to fight against HIV/AIDS and HIV stigma by taking on the Pass the Ribbon Challenge

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Your support will bring us one step closer to ending this fight

Our 40 year battle against HIV/AIDS has brought us to the point where people living with HIV can receive treatment in order to live a long and healthy life. However, to this day, we unfortunately still have no cure. At Until There’s A Cure, we are dedicated to finding and funding a cure, but we need your help. That is why we are reaching out to individuals and organizations who want to support our fight against HIV and HIV stigma by participating in our Pass the Ribbon Challenge fundraiser.

From November 15 to December 15, every mile that you complete, donations will be sent to Until There’s A Cure Foundation. So run, bike, walk, walk your dog, or even ride your horse, as the possibilities are endless! Whichever activity you choose to complete the mile, make sure that you track and input your progress to your PledgeIt page and share with your friends and family so they can pledge and donate to your fundraiser!

On behalf of, Until There’s A Cure Foundation, we thank you for your support!

How To Get Started!

Support Africa

Until There's A Cure & Reaboka Foundation

Until There's A Cure Foundation has been raising funds and awareness for HIV/AIDS since 1993. We have been a proud partner with Reaboka Foundation, who's vision is to facilitate economic empowerment of South African women in rural areas. Donations to Until There's A Cure provides these women with a sustainable income and teach them business skills in terms of record keeping, inventory management, bank accounts, consistent quality control and transportation of goods. This will also allow for these women to work in their home environment where they are able to care for their children and pass on their skills to the next generation.



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