226 total miles

Hike and Bike

$6,110Raised of $20,000

Our Mission

GOAT is partnering with PLEDGE IT to raise $20,000.00 to support our 2024 Summer adventures! We are eager to serve nearly 500 students this upcoming Summer, providing life-changing outdoor adventures for students from historically under-resourced neighborhoods. In addition to providing incredible experiences in the outdoors, our staff and volunteer teams pour into the lives of students developing them as leaders, who lead out of their God-given potential. Our program truly takes a holistic approach towards ministry, serving the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of each student. The GOAT Hike & Bike Challenge gives you the opportunity to make a lasting impact in the life of students all over Greenville, by doing what you already love to do - hike or bike!

Here's how it works: GOAT is seeking anyone and everyone willing to participate in the challenge. Each participant will hike (walk or run - in the woods or in the neighborhood) and or bike (road, mountain, or gravel) as many miles as you can, throughout the month of June. Set a mileage goal, and try to reach it (who says you can’t work on your beach body while raising money for a good cause?!)

Participants will ask for pledges for every mile they hike or bike (average pledges are $0.50/mile biked, and $1/mile hiked). The goal for each participant is to accumulate as many pledges as possible and obviously hike/bike as many miles as possible. (Example: 100 miles x 10 pledges (at $1) = $1000 dollars!) And do you know what the best part is? You can do this from anywhere. There are literally no restrictions. Whether you live in Greenville, New York City, or Albuquerque, you can partner with us to raise the funds we need to continue giving students the gift of the outdoors!

We encourage participants to use their favorite fitness app (Strava, Apple, Garmin, etc.) to record their miles - if you prefer an old school paper and pen, that’s fine too! (This is honor system).

At the end of June, please record all of the miles you have hiked or biked, and input the number in your pledgeit profile. Your supporters will be notified by Pledgeit and receive a tax-deductible receipt from Pledgeit!