Raised of $15,000

Based on 94 rebounds each worth $285.67

Chloe Marotta

94/80 rebounds

Dec 1, 2022 - Apr 4, 2023

Rebounds for Research

For me, rebounding is all about heart and toughness. I bonded over rebounding with my father from a very young age. He instilled the importance of rebounding in my head and told me how important it was to win a game. He would often even bribe me into giving me candy for getting over ten rebounds. Now, I want to use rebounding to raise money for a cause that means the world to me.

I lost my father in 2015 to a brain aneurysm. He felt pain for a few weeks before he passed away. Unfortunately, we were unaware of the signs, and the medical attention he received for his neck and headache at the time did not lead the doctors to determine he was having an aneurysm. I’m starting this campaign to help raise awareness and as much money as possible for The Brain Aneurysm Foundation to fund more research and save more lives.

Thank you for your pledge! 100% of your donation goes to charity.

Chloe Marotta

1 yr. ago




Per rebound



Quick update now that the season has come to an end. With the strong finish to the season, along with the additional tournament games, we crushed the goal of 80 rebounds! For those of you that made a "per rebound" donation, you can keep the donation amount based on 80 rebounds, or increase your donation based on the 14 additional rebounds. Completely your choice -- we're just so grateful for your initial gift.

The campaign closes on April 4th, so please continue to share with your friends and family. Thank you all so much for the support!

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