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Tory Taylor

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May 17 - Dec 1, 2022

My Mission

I'm excited to turn my stats on the football field into a WIN for my community by becoming an Every Kick Counts athlete, and I hope you will help!

During the upcoming football season, I'll be raising money for Count the Kicks, a life-saving stillbirth prevention campaign of the nonprofit organization Healthy Birth Day, Inc. Count the Kicks teaches expecting parents about the importance of tracking their baby's movements (and kicks!)...because Every Kick Counts (even before we are born!)

This campaign is very important to me. Count the Kicks has saved babies in 26 states and 3 counties, and I am proud to help make a life-saving difference. Please support my effort this coming football season by making a pledge per point or making a flat donation. Every Kick Counts (both on and off the field) AND Every Dollar Counts, too!

45+ yard punt = 1 point

Punt downed inside 20 = 2 points

Punt downed inside 10 = 3 points

Thanks for your support!

Tory Taylor

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Niels Sorensen donated $50

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Adelaide Burich pledged $1 per point (est $100)

In memory of Dale Burich (Tata).

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Adam Sorensen donated $250

Tory you are an all time Iowa great on so many fronts! Thank you for your leadership on and off the field.

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Seth Lorenz donated $25

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ALIX HESMER donated $50

I know of a few people who their babies are only hear because they counted kicks

2 days ago

Every Kick Counts (even before we are born!)

Your generous donations support Count the Kicks, a life-saving stillbirth prevention campaign that teaches expecting parents the importance of paying attention to their baby's movements (and kicks!) even before they are born. Ruby was saved because her mom knew to Count the Kicks. Here's her story as featured on Good Morning America: