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Waukee Warriors

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Team participating in Every Kick Counts 2022

Takes place May 17, 2022 - Jan 1, 2023

Captained by Max Bartachek

Our Mission

We're excited to join this incredible initiative! This organization's mission is very important to us and we're proud to help them make a difference. Please support us by giving to our page. Every dollar counts! Thank you.

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Max Bartachek

5 mo. ago

Please use this link, as it connects to my current fundraising in 2023. Do not click donate on this page that says 2022. https://charity.pledgeit.org/f/u1hdJMLIOp

Max Bartachek

5 mo. ago

Thank you for supporting me last year by donating to Every Kick Counts. I’m 3 weeks into my college football experience. I earned the starting kicker position. Every point I put on the score board + my over 40 yard punts raises money for Count the Kicks. If you have not had a chance to donate or pledge, I would love your support again. I am the 1st Every Kick Counts athlete to go from High school and continue as one in College. Here’s the direct link to my 2023 fundraising page. Thanks in advance! Max https://charity.pledgeit.org/f/u1hdJMLIOp

Max Bartachek

7 mo. ago

Hey everyone,

Thank you all for donating last year! I am going to continue playing football this upcoming fall at Iowa Western, and I would love your support. I’ve created a new page for the 2023 season, which is attached below. Thanks again! Any amount can help the cause, and further educate future mothers.https://charity.pledgeit.org/f/u1hdJMLIOp

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Every Kick Counts (even before we are born!)

Your generous donations support Count the Kicks, a life-saving stillbirth prevention campaign that teaches expecting parents the importance of paying attention to their baby's movements (and kicks!) even before they are born. Ruby was saved because her mom knew to Count the Kicks. Here's her story as featured on Good Morning America: