Jul 16, 2023

Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb Early Bird Ride

No crowds. No fanfare. Just you, your bike, and the mountain. Registration closes Saturday, July 1 @ 11:59 pm.

$17,625Raised of $10,000

MWARBH Early Bird Ride 2023 E-Bike Policies

Recognizing that e-bikes are a fast-growing part of recreational and competitive cycling, for the first time we are offering a trial e-bike category at the Early Bird ride on Sunday, July 16. The Early Bird Ride presents a significant physical and mental challenge. We want you to be successful in this endeavor and have fun doing it, which means being prepared. The information below and policies set forth by the event coordinators are to ensure a successful and safe ride.

  • Regardless of whether you are on an e-bike or a human-powered bike, it is important to understand that riding up Mt. Washington is inherently dangerous.
  • The steepness of the road and the possibility of extreme weather are there regardless of the type of bike you’re riding.
  • The Auto Road route is 7.6 miles in length with an average grade of 12% and extended sections of 18% with the last 50 yards reaching 22%.
  • Only Class 1 e-bikes that utilize pedaling and electric power (in accordance with USA Cycling’s definition outlined in #2 below) will be allowed to participate in the Early Bird ride.
  • It is critical that riders train and adequately prepare (physically and mentally) to take on the challenge of riding the Mt. Washington Auto Road.
  • Mt. Washington is home to the worst weather in America. According to the Mount Washington Observatory’s website, July temperature averages range from 44.5 to 55.3 degrees F. The record high is 71 and the record low is 24. Riders should anticipate, and be prepared for, weather-related challenges and changing conditions between the base and the summit. High, gusting winds and rain add to the physical challenge of riding up the mountain.
  • It is important for all riders registering in the Early Bird Ride, including E-bikes, to understand that the Early Bird Ride has extremely limited resources. This is an unsupported ride. All participants, and their drivers, need to be prepared with the essentials for completing the route.
  • There is no technical support at the base, on the road, or at the summit.

The following policies are to ensure riders registering for the e-bike category understand the challenges of riding up the Mt. Washington Auto Road. By registering for the event, you are agreeing to the e-bike policies outlined below and the registration and general event policies:

General Event Policies

Registration Policies

1. The goal of allowing e-bikes in the MWARBH Early Bird ride is to gather information in order to make informed decisions about e-bike participation at our events in the future. To achieve this goal:

(a) E-bike riders must respond to all registration questions. Lack of information may jeopardize a participant’s registration.

(b) E-bike riders will be requested to take a short post-event survey. It is critical that event organizers understand the riders’ experiences and understand any challenges they may have faced. Mt. Washington isn’t your average bike ride.

2. This ride will generally adhere to the USA Cycling E-bike Policy (https://s3.amazonaws.com/usac-craft-uploads-production/documents/E-Bike-Policy.pdf) and allow only Class 1 e-bikes that meet the definition adopted by USAC below:

(a) Only Class 1 e-bikes that utilize pedaling and electric power will be allowed to participate in the Early Bird ride.

(b) Bike must be unmodified, which includes no chips or tuning packages.

(c) No Throttle.

(d) Freely operable pedaling system: rear wheel drive train of pedals, crank, chain and gear system.

(e) 750 watt or less motor (manufacturer’s label of compliance is the minimum standard requirement).

(f) Motor engages only with pedaling.

(g) Motor assistance cut off at 20 mph (32 kmh).

3. Exceptions to the Class 1 e-bike policy may be approved at the sole discretion of the event organizers.

4. E-bike riders should be prepared to provide information demonstrating their bike meets the definition above. Failure to provide the requested information may jeopardize a rider’s registration and participation in the ride.

5. E-bikes may be required to start at a specified time within the 5 am to 6 am window in order to maintain safety for all riders and drivers participating in the early bird event. If determined, start times will be communicated closer to the event date.

6. E-bike riders are responsible for their own equipment if technical support is required on the route; this includes tools and extra batteries. This is a minimally supported ride.

7. All riders are strictly forbidden from riding down the Auto Road.

8. Organizers reserve the right to deny a rider participation if they fail to comply with the e-bike policies

9. The information and policies are subject to change.