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Dan Roth

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Mar 11 - May 15, 2023

Help me help birds!

One of my great joys in recent years has been serving on the Board of Directors of the Golden Gate Audubon* Society, where I’ve helped lead our efforts to make birding and bird conservation more inclusive, effective, and in service to our Bay Area communities.  On April 1, I’ll be part of a team of 8 intrepid East Bay birders competing in a 13-hour marathon for the 2023 Battle of the Bay against a brilliant San Francisco team.  Our goal is to see 150 species from first light to sundown.

Would you join me in helping to protect birds and their critical habitats, while also making birding accessible and welcoming to all?  You can pledge an amount per bird we end up seeing during the marathon, or a set amount – any amount is greatly appreciated!

Dan Roth

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Folks, we had an INCREDIBLE day on Saturday, seeing 160 total species, starting with Great Horned Owl (several, actually) at Skyline Gate in Redwood Regional Park, and ending on Mines Road with a Rufous-crowned Sparrow. Thank you all for your support!

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