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Todd Tomich

4/1 miles

Participating in Run for the Soul

Aug 22-28, 2022

Member of Team D

Why I participate in Run for the Soul?

I am excited to join this incredible initiative!

As a former athlete, Athletes Soul's mission is very important to me and I am proud to help them make a difference in the life of so many athletes. I am here to support this cause so that athletes can have access to dedicated and affordable support.

It's time to support the well-being and mental health of athletes outside of sport so that they can perform better during their sporting career and successfully navigate the challenges of athletic retirement.

Please help me support this effort by giving to my page. Every dollar counts!

Thank you.

Todd Tomich

3 mo. ago




Per mile



4 miles bike ride yesterday and a climbing session ;-)!

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Peter Moeller donated $200

2 months ago


Michael Murawczyk donated $200

2 months ago


Alex Lofting donated $25

Toddy - as a retired athlete (of sorts) you are going to need all the help that you can get. To meet your financial goal you will need to tap up some of your wealthy US buddies and stay away from us thrifty European folks - good luck from us :-)

2 months ago

Anonymous donated $250

3 months ago


Jason Tejada donated $200

3 months ago

About Athletes Soul

Athletes Soul is a non-profit organization funded and led by former athletes. Its mission is to support athletes as they transition away from sports. 100% of the funds raised through Run for the Soul will go to its scholarship fund for athletes so that they can have access to one-on-one transition coaching for up to 3 months for free.