Raised of $1,000

Based on 177 burpees each worth $6.71

David Howe

177/150 burpees

Oct 11, 2020


Support the Community

I'm here to support the LGBT+ community anyway i can. Help me by donating $$$ and i will do everything in my power to get as many burpees in 10mins as possible.

David Howe

3 yr. ago




Per burpee



piece of cake, thanks for donating!

David Howe

3 yr. ago

Thank you everyone for donating and sponsoring us!!!

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OUTAthletics is the world's largest international initiative for bringing together LGBTQ+ athletes and allies to sweat for a cause in a safe, inclusive fitness environment. Our pride is in the diversity we represent within the fitness industry and openly invite anyone to join our welcoming community. We strive to create an inclusive community of all walks of life and inspire you to feel good about yourself, your workouts and your life.