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Eric Schroeder

160/150 species seen

Mar 11 - May 15, 2023

My Mission

In 2019 I did a fundraiser for GGAS, trying to see 1,000 birds in a year. It was a success--I saw 1,047 birds (and raised over $7,000, thanks for very generous family and friends!) This year I'm doing a different kind of fundraiser—it's a one-day effort on April Fool's Day—I'm joining 7 other birders, and we're trying to see 150 species in a 13-hour marathon in the East Bay. AND we're trying to beat a team in San Francisco doing the same thing. So please support my effort on behalf of GGAS—an incredible organization that advocates on behalf of birds and their habitats through its various programs: conservation, adult ed, youth ed—you name it—if it's bird-related Golden Gate Audubon is doing it!


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We did it! Not only did we break our record of 141 species seen last year by a whopping 19 birds, but we bested the SF team by 8 birds--160 species for the East Bay vs 152 for SF. Thanks so much to everyone who rooted for us and who gave so generously to GGAS!

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